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Employer branding strategy for the FoW: Going beyond design and buzzwords
All organisations have an employer brand – the only question is whether it was designed consciously or not. A strong employer brand helps organisations differentiate themselves in the market, expressing qualities that enable them to recruit, retain and engage the right people.

In fact, in today's competitive market, 86% of HR professionals report that recruitment is becoming more like marketing, and employer branding is now more pivotal than ever.

However, establishing an appealing internal and external employer brand that expresses both the talent's and the company's needs and wants requires a unique perspective on the future of work.

In the final HR Expert webinar of 2021, Organisational Identity and Future of Work strategist, Emily Mei Carter, will outline the process for defining your organisation's identity through brand, culture and voice during significant periods of change.

- How employer branding fits into an organisation's overall identity
- The different layers of the employer branding pyramid
- Core elements of your employee value proposition
- How to delve beyond design and buzzwords to develop an evidence-based strategy

Dec 9, 2021 11:30 AM in London

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Emily Mei Carter
Organisational Identity and Future of Work Strategist
Emily Mei Carter is an Organisational Identity and Future of Work Strategist who believes in a future where no system causes harm through bad design. Her mission is to help organisations build strong, sustainable businesses filled with happy and fulfilled employees who are empowered to build a future they believe in - whilst serving an increasingly values-driven customer base. Emily’s unique background blends marketing and branding with a deep understanding of workplace culture and communications factors which shape the way people act and respond in an organisational context.